Rob Smitha

I am a software developer in Tallahassee, Florida. During my career, I have made significant contributions to large scale customer facing projects with millions of users both commercial and recreational.

Professional experience


I graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor's degree in computer science. My main areas of competence in computer science are .NET technologies, MVC web architecture, user interface design, web application design and development, console application programming, database design, cloud applications and APIs.

I work with a diverse array of programming options to deliver the best final product. My skill set of general-purpose programming languages include C#, Java, C++, PHP and Python. Other areas where I am proficient are JavaScript, AJAX, Android, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Git and more.

Hands on approach

I also have experience working directly with clients to better understand their software needs. Ad hoc tasks that I have been responsible for are numerous software demonstrations and presentations, on site communications with clients during important project milestones, representation at conferences and recruitment events.


Do you have questions about me or my services? Send me an email! I would be happy to address any inquiries, issues, or feedback that you may have.

Below are some services you can ask me about.
  • Professional Web Applications
  • Legacy System Redesigns & Refactoring
  • Business & Personal Websites
  • Online Shopping / Ordering Solutions